NFC Rivalry

49er Fan Guidelines for Seahawks matchup: Valid Concern or Slap in the face of every Fan in Niner Nation?

I do not know about some of you, but as a lifetime 49er Faithful (through good and bad), I find these guidelines stupid. Why give out guidelines to remind die hard fans to where RED?!?! To be on time? Really? You do not need to remind me that this is the biggest game of the regular season! I know it and I will be there yelling and screaming, on time, oh and wearing red thank you very much. Things like this not only insult the intelligence of your fans Jed but gives other teams (i.e. She-Hawks) a reason to laugh at us!!! We do not need that.

This week’s game is against the NFC rival Seattle Seahawks. An extremely strong and confident team that many believe can go all the way this year. Yes, I agree that they are very good, their play this year has backed that and personally I do not believe anyone can beat them in Seattle. The 12th Man is just too powerful and gives them an unfair advantage. 

Personally, I believe they may go to the Superbowl but will end up losing and here is why. They are not nearly as good on the road and have proven that by coming close to losing to bad teams on a number of occasions. In week one, Carolina would have beaten them if DeAngelo Williams did not fumble the ball late in the 4th quarter. Then they were pretty much beat in Houston until Schaub’s downward spiral and eventual loss of his starting job began as he threw a pick-6 to Richard Sherman that completely changed the pace of the game and allowed the Seahawks to win. Then there was St. Louis who had the game but 2 picks by Clemens and a blown coverage TD by Golden Tate sealed their fate. And then there was the Tampa Bay Bucs, who not only were winning in the third quarter by 21 points, they were doing it IN SEATTLE. And this is to below average teams (other than Carolina). This tells me that there are kinks in the armor and it can be exploited. 

This Sunday the game is on our turf and I feel, barring a horrible game by Colin, similar to week 2 when Niners had 5 TOs, they will do fine. It will be a low scoring game where neither QB will throw for over 200 yards. The question is, who will make the big mistake to cost their team the game? I personally will be on the Niner side and hoping for a win. Logically, you have to consider the facts…

1 – Seahawks are 11-1 this year and have already put a hurting on both the Niners and Saints (though both games where in Seattle). 

2 – Even with the loss of both Thurmond and Browner, their defense looks good (but once again, they were at home). 

3 – They do not have O-Line issues like Niners do. We are banged up and both Iupati and Staley are not confirmed for Sunday’s game which leaves us with Boone, Moody and Kilgore (yikes). that equates to less than 40 yards rushing for Gore and probably no TDs. 

4 – Psychologically and emotionally, they have the edge on us and we are still working on getting our swagger back. 

5 – Speaking of Swagger. It was great to see Crabtree out there, hopefully he can do something against a physical Sherman on Sunday. If nothing else, this should free up Vernon and Anquan one on one for big plays down the field.

My prediction – Niners win with last second field goal 16-13

What My heart says…

1 – Niners D will man up and come up big getting 3 TOs

2 – Crabtree will go for 50 and 1TD and Vernon will go for 125

3 – Marshawn Lynch will finally be held to under 100 yards after breaking the barrier in 3 straight games, something that rarely happens against the Niners stout run defense.

4 – Where going to turn that smug smirk on Carrol’s face upside down and send him home with the Seahawks second loss of the season.

5 – Niners Offense does NOT turn the ball over (fumble or INT).

Now what does this mean, not much right now. The road to the Superbowl in the NFC will still need to go through Seattle. BUT, this will give the Niners and other teams a blueprint on what must be done to beat them and the confidence they will succeed.
Now will all of this happen, nobody knows at this point. What I can tell you is that if Seattle goes to Superbowl, the 12th man will not be able to help them to victory. They will need to prove themselves strong without their home field advantage which could prove to be their undoing against a team like, say Denver who has more weapons offensively than any one defense can handle (most of the time).

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