Start ‘Em or Sit ‘Em – Quarterbacks

Quarterbacks – Start ‘Em or Sit ‘Em?

Start ‘Em

There are obvious starters and then not so obvious. One QB worth using this week is Alex Smith.  His overall numbers do not jump off the page but he is a safe bet to rack up some good points against a miserable Washington Redskins’ defense. The Chiefs are playing great defense which gives Smith a lot of chances. He should be good for 250 yards + 2TD.

Carson Palmer is probably my favorite here. he has the underachieving Rams that are in la la land. They may put up a lot of points but that will only improve Palmers numbers if this turns into a shoot out. Palmer has thrown for over 300 yards and 2+TDs in the last 3 games. If I did not have Peyton Manning, I would pick him up and start him this week.

Sit ‘Em 

There are a few Quarterbacks that are either going to have to take a back seat to another Quarterback this week or face a top defense that will highly impact their Fantasy Football numbers. First we will go with the obvious…

The Seattle Seahawks and San Francsico 49ers play each other in San Francisco on Sunday. This will be a smashmouth, in your face duel to the finish and will be fought in the trenches. I do not see a lot of big plays by either QB so I would sit Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick this week if you have a better option.

Russell Wilson has not put up huge numbers away from CenturyLink Field and if any points are put up it will be scrambling. Unfortunately for Wilson, the way Brooks and Aldon Smith have been playing lately, he should be well contained making him a pocket passer. The question is will anyone get open. Seahawks were counting on Percy Harvin being 100% in time for this game and that just has not happened. In my opinion, they hurried him back from the hip injury and now he is likely going to be fighting the injury all year and will not make an impact until next season, if at all.

Colin Kaepernick, who I love so much, well it has been more of a love/hate relationship this year. I do not wrong him for many things. It is not his fault that his OC will not make proper calls to play to Colin’s strengths (i.e. protecting him). It is not his fault that he lost his Go To WR in Crabtree for the first 2 months of the season as only just now coming back. It is not his fault that Boldin is unable to create separation and that no one is open on a regular basis. What IS his fault is this… He has been trying to do too much with too little. His accuracy is nowhere near what it was last year and why, in gods name is he unable to look at more than one receiver (i.e. poor progression). Hate to say it but Trent Dilfer was right. If the defense takes away Colin’s first option, that is it, he gets flustered and either gets sacked or has to run with it. Where is the second read, what about the check downs? I remember a number of plays recently where he had Lamichael James on a check down that would have went for 20+ yards if he saw him. Very frustrating and I think Seattle is more than ready to shutdown his first AND second reads on passing plays. Add to that the Niners inability to run due to an aging Gore and banged up O-Line and I smell trouble in the city by the Bay.

The other QB worth staying away from is Josh McCown but keep him in your sights for as long as possible. McCown has thrown for over 350 yards in back to back games but all signs are pointing to Jay Cutler’s return this week, which would be bad for both McCown owners as well as Alshon Jeffries owners as Brandon Marshall is clearly Cutler’s favorite receiver while McCown like Jeffries… Definitely bad news for me this week but luckily I have already clinched a playoff spot in my league.


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