San Francisco Giants Moves so far…

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Giants general manager Brian Sabean has spent most of the offseason working on making sure that the Giants have a strong pitching staff once again come 2014. But he senses that filling the Giants biggest need (a left fielder) won’t be as simple as replenishing the starting rotation, which the team accomplished by retaining Tim Lincecum and Ryan Vogelsong and adding free-agent right-hander Tim Hudson.

If Tim Hudson returns to form and there are no longterm effects from the leg injury, this may be the steal of the year! Timmy and Vogie are back but in my opinion these choices were a bit from the heart and better quality pitchers could have been found on the free agency market. But considering Vogelsong was only a 1-year deal and Timmy is at a fraction of the cost he could have been 2 years ago, I will take it.

Our current crop of outfielders are not going to get it done. Both Andres Torres and Gregor Blanco are MLB level bench warmers at best and are definitely not everyday starters. We need a stable player who can play left and bat for power from right side. Some names to consider via trade are Chris Denorfia of the Padres, Justin Ruggiano of the Marlins and Josh Willingham of the Twins. But the Padres would seem unlikely to deal Denorfia to a division rival such as the Giants.

Another option could be moving Belt to left field and bringing in a first baseman which would be easier to find but it would cost us. Mitch Moreland would be a good fit but Texas is looking to sign him longterm.

I would also like to see Sabean pony up some money to pick up another strong arm for the bullpen. I feel that Joe Nathan can be a great setup man for Romo and if Romo falters or gets hurt, Nathan has the closer mentality and experience which would allow him to step in and we would not skip a beat. At least they locked up Javier Lopez.


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