Start ‘Em or Sit ‘Em – Defense


Written By: Boris Krutiy

Start ‘Em

Chiefs, Seahawks, 49ers, Patriots… you name them and they are good for this weeks’ match up. Even Oakland can be trusted this week. They will all put up good fantasy points but Chiefs and Seahawks have an opportunity to put up big points if they can repeat some of their past performances on defense. As a 49er fan, I am really hoping that does not occur. In fact, I will be in the stands routing my team on and, yes Mr. York, I will be On Time and wearing RED.

Sit ‘Em

Carolina is normally strong on defense but they just have too much going against them. They are playing on the road @ New Orleans where they have not done well and they are going against a Saints team that was embarrassed by Seattle on Prime Time last Monday. They are going to be looking for blood and Carolina is just going to be a casualty. 4

Arizona should do well at home against St. Louis but the defense will not. Clemens has been doing well and the rookie Tavon Austin has been putting up ridiculous numbers of late (if you do not include last week’s game in San Francisco).


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