Two Bear claws are Better than One

Jay Cutler or Josh McCown


Though Cutler has not been cleared to play yet against Dallas on MNF, he is scheduled to prove he is capable to take his starting job back to the coaches come Thursday. If he passes all tests and is cleared, it may be Cutler throwing bombs instead of McCown but if possible, I would hold onto both QBs until the last minute to see who is going to get the starting job. it could go either way. Personally, I would give Cutler an extra week to heal considering McCown has put up back to back 350+ yards and 2TD games and will surely do the same again on MNF against a horrible Dallas pass defense. The biggest difference between the two QBs and this is where it will matter in Fantasy leagues is that Cutler prefers Brandon Marshall and McCown prefers Jeffries. I think that those that have Jeffries, like myself, will see his production go down if Cutler is starting while Marshall owners will be happy for the added production.

Jay Cutler or Josh McCown in Week 15? Who does this decision affect the most in Fantasy Football? Owners of Alshon Jeffries and Brandon Marshall. Marshall is clearly Cutler’s favorite receiver while McCown has been able to spread the ball and show that Jeffries can be a big part of this offense. Just to show the difference, Here are Jeffries’ and Marshall’s statistics with Cutler vs. McCown (not including injury shortened games). You can plainly see that Cutler prefers Marshall in the Red Zone while McCown prefers Jeffries.

With Jay Cutler at QB (Weeks: 1-6)
Brandon Marshall – 455 Total YDS, 5 TDs
Alshon Jeffries – 486 Total YDS, 2 TDs

With Josh McCown at QB (Weeks: 7, 9, 11-14)
Brandon Marshall – 456 Total YDS, 2 TDs
Alshon Jeffries – 623 Total YDS, 4 TDs


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