Worst Teammates in the NFL

Written By: Boris Krutiy

Ever watch sports and see professional athletes act like the kids that they are? Spoiled, overpaid and sometimes above the law! Many sports have these figures, where they continuously show they do not care about anyone but themselves. In the NFL, it seems that there are a lot of these characters and make it their goal in life to stand out and get on ESPN highlights in the most absurd ways. In this article, I take a look at a few standout NFL players that do just that.


Ndamukong Suh

Fans love tough players, but not dirty players. It’s a line Suh often flirts with, for example the infamous stomp. Intentionally stepping on opponents while they are on the ground or taking other similar cheap shots are not what this game is about. Even with the amounts of cash he has been fined (most recently it was $100K), he still seems like he is playing dirty every chance he gets.


Dez Bryant

Great talent and could probably become a Hall of Fame wide receiver but he could get the cold shoulder due to his off-field issues and sideline antics. Off-field issues include theft and domestic violence plagued his career early on. He finally seemed to have come into his own the last two years but still has trouble keeping his mouth shut.

As for his sideline antics, some say he is very emotional and some say he is a distraction and others say he just needs to keep his mouth shut. There have been multiple incidents of yelling at his teammates like QB Tony Romo and TE Jason Witten on the sideline as well as yelling at coaches and storming off the field before the end of the game. He not only talks down to his teammates and makes a scene on national television but he is making himself look like a cry-baby who cannot handle losing like a professional athlete. You can see his antics come to life below. This link shows Bryant losing it multiple times during a 31-30 loss to Detroit earlier this year. Remember, this is the game where Bryant proclaimed he was just as good as Calvin Johnson and all Johnson did was put up 329 yards, the second-most in league history for a single game.



DeSean Jackson

Much like Dez Bryant, DeSean Jackson is a jackass with a big Hee Haw mouth. He is a great receiver but cannot handle adversity, especially when the blame is pointing at him, yet he is quick to point the finger and blame others. Now you know why the 49ers passed on this guy when he came out in the 2008 NFL Draft. To top that, he is a big time showbout.


Michael Vick

Those who identify as big NFL fans like him because he is a good player and exciting to watch. Though plagued by injury in recent years, he has been either red-hot or ice-cold as far as performance on the field is concerned. Off the field is a different story, though he has stayed out of the spotlight, the wider audience still knows him as the dog-fighting ringleader. Vick has probably seen his best days on the field behind him and is probably no better than a backup at this point. Nick Foles has proven that he is not only capable but has far exceeded expectations during Vick’s injuries. At this point, I do not see a way you can start Michael Vick over Nick Foles even if Vick is 100% healthy.

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