Week 17 Wrapped From Northwest


This week has been a slow week for me on the blog because I have been on vacation. I decided to take a drive up from the SF Bay Area up to see some friends in the Seattle, WA area. It was clear that we would have a unique opportunity to watch football on rival’s home field and that we would NOT be very welcome.

Nonetheless, my friend and I pulled out our Niner jerseys and headed to a bar. We chose the Dub Pub in Kirkland, WA and were actually pleased with the establishment itself. It was large and had a lot of televisions showing the games so it did not matter where you were located in the bar, you could see the games.

So there we were. We walk in ready for a day of football and see a sea of blue and just like from the movies, the entire place goes quiet and turns to the door. What they see is a redhead wearing a Frank Gore Jersey and a big bald guy wearing a Vernon Davis Jersey. “Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore!”

We got there a bit late, right before kickoff so we did not get a chance to get any seats and did not find many friendly faces that were willing to share a seat or a table. No matter, we were there to stay and would enjoy our beers and the game. Throughout the game we found it entertaining how everyone had to put in their two cents, comments, stare downs, dirty looks, etc. For the most part, the Seattle Seahawk fans were very hospitable and friendly. There were a few that stepped over the line and used unnecessary obscenities but they were few and far between, but I totally expected it. Honestly, I was not impressed by the fan’s emotions. I expected more trash talking and in your face attitude but only really got that from non other than the girls in the bar. This made me laugh because now Seattle comes off as a culture that allows their women do the fighting for them. Not fighting with fists but with words, or it could just mean that the women in the Northwest are extremely more intelligent than the men.

We were not messed with physically and there were no threats and overall it was a positive experience that would encourage me to do it again, possibly in the same bar. We even made friends with some that felt that we had very big ‘Balls’ for going into the hawks Nest, if you will.


As for the games, the SF 49ers beat the Cardinals 23-20. For the most part they had the game well in had for most of the game but had to make it interesting in the second half where they were able to only score 3 points. Luckily, they were able to put up 17 in the first half and get out to a strong lead. Cardinals played well and had some big stops on defense and big plays on offense to come back and tie the game near the end of the game. Luckily for the Niners, LaMichael James was able to bring the following kickoff return to the 40 yard line. We only had a short distance to go and thanks to an incredible catch by rookie Quinton Patton, the 49ers were able to get enough yards to get into Phil Dawson’s range and he delivered the game winner as time expired.

Meanwhile, the Seahawks and Rams were battling and if it wasn’t for a few turnovers early in the game, it was very close. It did not get out of reach for the Rams until the second half when Marshawn Lynch started rolling over fools and Russell Wilson began to control the ball and the clock. As usual, the Hawks defense showed up to play and showed why they have the best defense in the league and that their offense is ‘good enough’ to get it done. Even Seahawk fans told us during our visit that they worry about their team because of the inconsistency in their offense.

No matter the issues currently, they have home field advantage throughout the playoffs so they just need to take care of their business. For the Niners, they will need to work their way to the Superbowl on the road and in order to do it, they will most likely need to win IN Green Bay, IN Carolina and then IN Seattle! If they can do that, they will definitely prove to everyone who the best team in the NFC is! I believe they can do it. Their biggest test will be in Seattle where they can win but have to avoid mistakes/turnovers on offense to have a chance.

Next stop… Green Bay Packers in Lambeau Field WITH Aaron Rodgers.


2 thoughts on “Week 17 Wrapped From Northwest”

  1. Lucky you, getting to watch from the Great Northwest! (I lived on 126th at 85th in Kirkland)
    As for the fighting…is it really that surprising that the women in Seattle are smarter than the men? Just like in SF. 🙂 The Seahawk-Ram game really wasn’t very close so, emotions weren’t really flying. And after all it is Kirkland, not Belltown, and is more known for its spa’s and juice bars, than trash talkers.
    I will say the AR-SF game was very entertaining and Dawson’s FG was impressive. So now to this weekends games…oh wait, one of us earned a bye. Maybe I’ll have a spa day.

  2. I am the friend who thought it would be a good idea to enter a sports bar with a sea of Blue and Green proud Hawks fans. The trash-talking should have been more play-by-play but it was disrespectful instead – Keep in mind Northwest culture is passive-aggressive at its best.

    But was funny how much the women were dissing. The more mature crowd made the game fun and we were definitely respected after the game for sticking around the hazing.

    Niners need to show up to these games hungry with consistent offensive performance, period. Anything short of that could be painful. I think they got a lot of their mistakes out during the season and hopefully have it out of their system. Kap also needs to deal with the Shehawks noise – 3rd time will hopefully be a charm. GO NINERS!

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