San Francisco 49ers pose biggest threat to Seattle Seahawks’ Super Bowl aspirations

Kurt's Sports Blog

The NFL Playoffs are finally underway after roughly an eleven month hiatus, and now would be the appropriate time for football fans around the world to throw their hands up and rejoice (unless you’re from Kansas City or Philadelphia).

Although the playoffs feature the leagues 12 best teams, some squads are receiving more attention than others and rightfully so. One of those teams is the Seattle Seahawks.

It hasn’t all been good vibes and contagious optimism over the years in the Emerald City, however.

Since its league debut in 1976, the Seahawks metaphorically have a trophy case about as impressive as Gaylord Focker’s, filled with what-would-be last place finishes, participation ribbons, and soiled jock-straps.

However, this 2013 Seahawks team is giving true 12s flashbacks to the 2005 team that went to Super Bowl XL before losing to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

After posting a 13-3 regular season record and locking up…

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