Seahawks Vs. 49ers: Rubber Match For A Trip To Super Bowl XLVIII

CBS San Francisco

By Matthew Asher

After San Francisco’s 23-10 defeat of the Carolina Panthers, the question on Seattle’s mid is, “Who’s ready for Round 3?” Both San Francisco and Seattle have split the season series with the home team winning each game, and the ruler of the NFC will be crowned after this rubber match plays out. 

Note: All statistics written below are based on 2014 playoff performances only. Regular season stats are not referenced. 

San Francisco on Offense

Colin Kaepernick has done a decent job through the first two playoffs games this season. While none of the statistics are award inducing, they’ve gotten the job done. Kaepernick has completed 53.4 percent of his throws for 423 passing yards, two touchdowns and one interception for a quarterback rating of 81.3.

While averaging about 210 passing yards isn’t that impressive in the playoffs, Kaepernick has done a good job of running the ball as well. He led the…

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