Fantasy Football WR Projections


In this round, I will discuss Wide Receivers. I will not do top 20 ranked players like I did with RBs because that post got out of hand and was too long! The rest of my posts will stick to the same format… Top 10 position players, top 10 position players that you should be aware of which will include underrated players and players that may surprise you.


1. Antonio Brown PIT 8 – Antonio Brown is a great receiver and is definitely Big Ben’s go to guy. He will continue to be a work horse and put up big numbers.
2. Odell Beckham Jr. NYG 8 – Odell is a rockstar as the picture above proves. He is an amazing athlete that will put up big numbers. His numbers will only be limited by how Eli does. Will he be the TD maker or will he continue to throw to the other team?
3. Julio Jones ATL 11 – Jones is in his prime and with his size and speed, few can keep up with him. Now that they have a ligitmate RB in Devonta Freeman, Matt Ryan will find Jones open more often.
4. DeAndre Hopkins HOU 9 – Hopkins has a lot of talent but he does not currently have a proven QB. Osweiler has a lot to prove and if he has trouble hitting his wide outs, DeAndre Hopkins, as well as Cecil Shorts III and Jaelen Strong, will see their stats suffer.
5. Dez Bryant DAL 7 – Dez is prime for an excellent year. If Romo stays healthy or not, Dez should put up solid numbers weekly. You may fear Romo’s health but their rookie QB Dak Prescott is a serious baller and will be able to pick up where Romo leaves off. I see a bright future for Prescott!
6. A.J. Green CIN 9 – Green is always a solid pick. He is Andy Dalton’s favorite target and is often getting 40+ yard catches which means bonus points.
7. Allen Robinson JAC 5 – Robinson is a strong pick. He had a breakout rookie year last year putting up 1400 yards catching and 14 TDs. Expect a possible sophmore slump where you see a dip in these numbers but he will likely still put up 1000 yards and 10 TDs.
8. Jordy Nelson GB 4 – Nelson is a great WR but comes with risk. He missed all of last year with a torn ACL and currently is not participating in preseason due to a knee injury (not severe). If he is healthy, Nelson will be a great 3rd-5th round pick but I do not consider him a top 10 WR because of his injury issues right now. If I am looking for a second WR in the 5th round and he is still available, I will be taking him for sure.
9. Brandon Marshall NYJ 11 – Marshall is getting older but he is still one of the best at his trade. He will continue to be consistent and there is no reason to doubt he will not put up another 1300+ yards and 12+ TDs.
10. Alshon Jeffery CHI 9 – Be wary of Jeffrey!  Jeffery missed seven games due to injury last season, but he was one of the most dominant WRs when active. Though he is the number one target in Chicago, he once again is fighting injury (hamstring) and has an inconsistent QB in Jay Cutler. Consider him a borderline WR1 with top-five potential if he can stay healthy

My Top WRs that are ranked lower than 30:

  1. Josh Gordon CLE 13 – Gordon is currently hurt and will start the season serving a 4-game suspension but if the idiot can stay off the weed, he could get back to glory. Just 3 short seasons ago, he led all WRs in Fantasy points and had multiple 200+ games. He is still young and capable of being an Elite WR. Definitely comes with a risk.
  2. Michael Crabtree OAK 10 – Crabtree is a possession receiver and and will not put up big numbers. But if you need a WR3/Flex/Backup, he is a good option. He will put up about 75 yards a game but will not hit the end zone a lot. Most red zone touches will go to Amari Cooper.
  3. Travis Benjamin SD 11 – Benjamin almost went for 1000 yards last year and he did that in Cleveland where the QB position was anything but stable. Now he is in San Diego where he has a veteran QB so he may see a lot more touches and with his youth and quickness, could have a breakout year.
  4. Danny Amendola NE 9 –  Amendola is one of the most fragile WRs in the league but you cannot deny that, when healthy and on the Patriots where Brady throws 50 passes a game, Amendola WILL have stats!
  5. Pierre Garcon WAS 9 – Garcon continues to prove that he can put up statistics even with an average QB.

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