Fantasy football QB rankings for 2016

Quarterbacks are not really considered a prize possession in Fantasy Football like Running Backs. You can get away with an average Quarterback and still win it all if you are strong in other positions such as RB/WR/TE. Considering the Quarterback will still be putting up the third most points on average for you from your roster, you cannot completely ignore them.

during the NFC Championship Game at Bank of America Stadium on January 24, 2016 in Charlotte, North Carolina.
during the NFC Championship Game at Bank of America Stadium on January 24, 2016 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Top 10 QBs (Ranking by


  1. Cam Newton CAR 7 – Certainly the best QB on the list. He is not only talented but he is coming off his best year and after reaching the Superbowl, he will be hungry to get back and win it all. His ability to run and get TDs himself inside the red zone makes him even more attractive.
  2. Aaron Rodgers GB 4 – Rodgers needs to get back to 2014 form. Granted he did not have his favorite target (Jordy Nelson) last year and Eddie Lacy did not run well, he still put up good numbers… 3800+ yards, 31 TDs and only 8 INTs…SOLID! With Nelson back and Lacy looking good in preseason, all looks positive for Rodgers.
  3. Russell Wilson SEA 5 – This is the safety zone. Wilson is smart and is capable of making big plays. He had his best year last year. He threw for over 4000 yards and 34 TDS with only 8 INTs. Those are better numbers than Aaron Rodgers statistically.
  4. Andrew Luck IND 10 – Luck needs to leave the luck of the Irish behind him and start playing ball. He has been shooting himself in the foot in the past by throwing too many picks. He is not a young QB anymore and needs to cut down on turnovers (12 INTs in only 7 games in 2015).
  5. Drew Brees NO 5 – It is hard to bet against Drew Brees but he continues to get older and the Saints do not have much of a run game. He has some fast WRs but only Brandin Cooks is a legit WR1. Could not pick the rest out of a lineup.
  6. Ben Roethlisberger PIT 8 – Personally, I would have put Big Ben #4. I think he will post better numbers than both Luck and Brees. The only reason he may not is because Luck and Brees have less of a run game so they will be throwing a lot more. PIT has Le’Veon Bell and DeAngelo Williams. They will be bell cows (will have a lot of carries for the novice).
  7. Carson Palmer ARI 9 – Palmer has always shown that he is capable of having big numbers. Add the fact that he gets to play against the Niners and Rams a total of 4 games and you have the making of a great year statistically.
  8. Tom Brady NE 9 – Brady is the top QB, well at least top 3 QB but is ranked low because he will miss the first 4 games with a suspension due to the Deflategate scandal!
  9. Eli Manning NYG 8 – Sorry, I cannot get on board with Eli. I do not think he is a very good QB. If it was not for his WRs (Odell Beckham Jr. and Victor Cruz), he would not be in top 10 and is not in my top 10 for sure. I could list 10 QBs that I would pick before Eli.
  10. Blake Bortles JAC 5 – Bortles had a solid year last year and now he has a running game with DeMarco Murray and Derrick Henry. This will only give Bortles more opportunities down the field.

Looking at the top 10 list above I see a number of QBs that either do not belong there or there are QBs ranked lower that should be considered top 10 QBs this year.

Top QBs that should be considered

  1. Tony Romo DAL 7 – If healthy, Romo will put up great numbers as he always does and should be considered a top 10 QB. The problem is that he is unable to stay healthy. Whether it is his back, neck or collarbone, it seems something always happens which leads me to my next QB…
  2. Dax Prescott DAL 7 – IF you draft Romo, YOU MUST PICK UP PRESCOTT for insurance in case Romo is hurt and based on what Prescott has done in the preseason so far (even against 1st team defenses), he looks to be the next big time QB.
  3. Derek Carr OAK 10 – I really like Carr. I think he is smart and has a lot of talent but can he limit his mistakes and make the big throws. He has a running game (Latavius Murray) and two strong WRs… Amani Cooper and Michael Crabtree.
  4. Marcus Mariota TEN 13 –  Mariota had a solid rookie year last year to make him a good mid to late round pickup, Low QB1 but a solid QB2 (backup).
  5. Teddy Bridgewater MIN 6 – Bridgewater is ranked 26th on QB list but he will continue to improve as he did last year. He has the #1 RB in the league (Adrian Peterson). He should have a solid year.
  6. Andy Dalton CIN 9 – Andy Dalton is always a solid QB with a number of options in the passing game. He always does well so long as you do not have to play him during the NFL playoff games. He always seems to choke!
  7. Jameis Winston TB 6 – Winston had a solid rookie year last year to make him a good mid to late round pickup, low QB1 but a solid QB2.
  8. Matt Ryan ATL 11 – What?!… ESPN seriously disrespecting Matt Ryan. They have him ranked 22, based on the rankings, I can see him ranked as high as 12. He Has a running game with Freeman and a top 5 WR in Julio Jones.

…stay tuned. There is more to come as I will go through Tight Ends, Defenses and Kickers next. Those should be brief and likely not take very long.


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