2014 NFL Fantasy Football Draft – Underrated/Overrated on Draft Board

Every year, the draft order for players is based on their total output from the year before. A lot can change during the course of a few months during the off-season before the following season begins. Players get cut due to salary, trades, free agency, injuries, retirements, etc. These factors are often overlooked when making your draft picks so I thought I would provide some information on players that may make a difference that may have not been on your radar before.

Part 1 – Quarterbacks

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Why Harbaugh, Why?

Written By Boris Krutiy


First and foremost, it is very difficult to concentrate on the new talent coming into the NFL when all people want to talk about around here and in the media is the 49ers and Harbaugh’s souring relationship. It came to a head last week when the Browns reportedly had a strong trade offer on the table with the 49ers that would send Jim Harbaugh to the Browns in return for a draft picks and cash. I am assuming that the picks were high or plentiful or both and this trade came very close to being completed. Here is my opinion on the matter… If Harbaugh wants to leave, then go and dont let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. You are in a prestine situation where you are leading a talented team fully packed and ready to make a push for the Superbowl every year. What do the Browns have? They have Josh Gordon and a pretty good defense that is strong. But they lack a lot of talent on the field. Do you really think that Harbaugh will be successful when he does not have the talent on the field, doubtful!

Also, the fact that he is acting so greedy and forcing a renogotiation/extension issue 2 years before his contract is up speaks volumes of his character, or lack thereof. In fact, these talks started halfway through last season so it was more like 2.5 years left on his contract. What is he thinking? Dumb move if you ask me! I am sure that Jed York will sign him and this will all be in the past but I would also not be surprised if Jed says screw you, coach out this year and we will talk after the 2014-2015 season at which time he either pays him the big bucks (only happens if we win the Superbowl) or kicks him to the curb after a lengthy search for the next 49ers coach that will continue to motivate and lead this team into the postseason year after year. This team is built on the players on the field and the coach only has so much to do with it. Most of the coaching is done by the offensive and defensive coachs anyway!

NFC Championship

Written By Boris Krutiy


Well, it has been five days and I still have not fully recovered from the NFC Championship. I do not have much to say regarding the AFC Championship because it went down basically as I suspected. Tom Brady and the Patriots put up a fight but at the end it was just too much Peyton.

As for the NFC Championship, it was the San Francisco 49ers versus the Seattle Seahawks. The two best defenses in the league going up head to head in an epic battle that became an instant classic before it even started.

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NFC Championship – Rivalry Rematch will be LEGENDARY!

Written by Boris Krutiy


San Francisco 49ers versus Seattle Seahawks

Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages… Welcome! This is for more than just bragging rights. The two best teams in the NFC, arguably best in entire league, are about to lock heads for a third time this year. Each game brought us to a realization that this matchup, this rivalary will be the next great rivalary for the next decade! So who will get the first win in the postseason (of many postseason matchups to come)? We will analyze both teams strengths and weaknesses going into this game and try to determine who will be the team to win and go to the Superbowl.

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49ers still alive in NFL Postseason

Written by Boris Krutiy


San Francisco 49ers versus Carolina Panthers

What a weekend! What a football game! WHO’S GOT IT BETTER THAN US???

Leading up to this game, I was involved in a number of chats on other blogs regarding this game. I was feeling frisky I guess and chose one that was based out of Charlotte and the Charlotte Observer (local paper). I was a bit outnumbered, to say the least! Everyone was raving about many things, mostly about their defense and how much better it WAS! They would remind me what happened in San Francisco when Carolina beat us 10-9. They boasted their defense and how they man-handled the 49ers offensive line all day as well as how Kuechly and Hardy dominated and have surpassed what Willis and Bowman have been to the 49ers for the last few years, THE BEST! There was only one problem with the logic, they were not seeing the bigger picture.

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