Week 14 Sleepers and Waiver Wire Pickups

Every week I seem to find a diamond in the rough, thank you Disney for corrupting my brain!  Many leagues either have started or are about to start playoffs so it is important to win every week. Here are my Week 14 sleeper picks by position.

Colin Kaepernick completed 19-of-28 passes for 275 yards and 1TD in the 49ers’ Week 13 win. They have the Legion of Boom next, or at least a portion of it. Seattle will be without Walter Thurmond and Brandon Browner. Seattle has proven that they cannot be stopped in Seattle as they destroyed Drew Brees and the Saints 34-7. But Seattle is not the same team on the road and there have been a number of games that they were lucky to escape with a victory on the road (i.e. Carolina, Houston and St. Louis)… and almost blew it against Tampa Bay AT HOME. At the same time, Colin will have all of his starting WRs in the lineup. After the showing Boldin, Davis and Crabtree had in week 13, expect more of the same. If Colin can take care of the ball and Greg Roman runs the offense to his strengths, my prediction is Colin goes for 300 yards and 2TDs and 1TD rushing.


Wide Receiver

The obvious choices would be guys like Marshall/Jeffries against Dallas or Megatron against just about anyone, though he faces Philly this week. Josh Gordon has been playing out of his mind but if New England’s Aqib Talib is healthy, he will be locked up with Gordon all day long and we will NOT see Gordon go for 200+ yards for a 3rd straight game. But note that this kid is only 22 years old so if you have him in a keeper league, lock him up for next year and if not, he should at the top of your WR list for next year’s draft along with guys like Calvin Johnson A.J. Green, Dez Bryant and Brandon Marshall. As for a WR sleeper, Roddy White put up 143 yards on Sunday and that was at less than 100%. Next week Atlanta plays a struggling Green Bay Packers. Whether Aaron Rodgers plays or not will not affect White’s performance. He should be good in all formats, especially PPR leagues where he’ll bring in 12-15 catches for 150 yards, 1TD. Also, Larry Fitzgerald who started the year extremely slow for his overall ranking has picked it up lately. He has caught 4 TD passes in the last 3 games and Arizona plays St. Louis at home this week. St. Louis is the youngest team in the NFL and it often shows. Though they have one of the best defensive fronts in the league, their DBs are still very young and raw and are easily exploited. Fitz is good for 10 catches for 125 yards and 2 TDs. Kennan Allen has proven to be a great Rookie WR for Rivers in San Diego. Though he has not found the end zone often, Allen has been River’s primary target at the WR position and he has posted back to back 100+ yard games. With Antonio Gates not as dominant as he once was, Allen is getting more targets every week as he gains his QBs trust. Add to this the fact that the Chargers face the NY Giants at home, should be a goldmine for anyone in need of a quality WR in week 14. The Giants give up a lot of points through the air and Rivers always plays well at home. Allen should go over 100 yards for a third straight game and you can add a TD to his resume as well.

Running Back

With T-Rich a complete bust, cannot believe that Colts gave up a first rounder for him. I know that Cleveland was upset at the time, but they must think that the Brown’s GM (Michael Lombardi) is a genius at this point. Luckily for the Colts, Donald Brown has really picked things up lately and will continue his strong running for another good game this week. After a 54 yard, 1TD performance, he should put up similar numbers in week 14.

Tight End

As we say goodbye to a future Hall of Famer, Tony G will not be forgotten as he has paved the way for the TE position to be so much more than just another blocker on the field with the ability to catch a pass. The TE position is a feared position with players like Jimmy Graham, Rob Gronkowski and Vernon Davis as well as youngsters like Julius Thomas and Jordan Cameron. For those that are not spoiled like me (Jimmy Graham and Julius Thomas on FF team), you may want to consider Brandon Myers (NY Giants). He is not racking up a lot of yards but has grabbed a TD in back to back games and is going up against a San Diego team with inconsistent play from rookie MLB Manti Teo. He should be good for 50 yards and a TD. I have read that many are boasting Garrett Graham as a good sleeper/backup option this week as Houston is facing JAX on the road, but I would disagree. Graham had a big game 3 weeks ago with 136 yards and 1TD but that was versus the Raiders and has put up a total of 68 yards in the last 2 weeks against JAX and NE. Also, considering his QBs inconsistent play, I see further mediocrity in his future.


At this point, you have had a large sample of games to make a strong and educated assumption of which kicker to use. There are always many kickers because you typically have up to 32 kickers worth considering and rarely are you involved in a league where kickers are at a premium. What you want to find is a kicker where his offense is good but not too good to where they score a lot of TDs. If they are stopped short once in awhile and forced to kick FGs, this is actually desirable. Robbie Gould will be looking to come back from the disappointment of missing the game winner against the Vikings this week.  Gould should be good for 3 FGs and 3 PATs especially the way the Bears offense is playing. Jay Feely of the Arizona Cardinals is another player that should do well. Arizona is going against St. Louis that can be dubbed Bonnie and Clyde. They will give up a butt load through the air but will probably stop the run pretty well. If Quinn and Long can get to pressure, it could be a long day for Palmer overall and Feely will see 3 FGs and 2 PATs (23 -17 W).


The KC Chiefs have been stout all year. They have not given up the least amount of points this year, that honor goes to the Carolina Panthers. What they have done is take the ball away and score on Defense and Special Teams. They got torched by Peyton and the Denver Broncos in week 13 but still put up defensive points because they were able to put up points for the team. In week 14, if you need a back up defense or your D has a tough match up, consider the SD Chargers who are playing the NY Giants at home where their defense plays well and Eli throws 2.5 picks per game…enough said!


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